Details of Recycling Transactions

Thank you for your interest in precious-metal recycling. This page introduces the standard process for conducting precious-metal recycling transactions with ISHIFUKU in Japan. Please note that transactions involving the import and export of refined products may not necessarily follow this process. Please consult with our sales representative for further information.
Be sure to check the following items before entrusting us with the target products. We strictly protect clients' personal information and the information related to precious metals throughout the entire process of investigation, collection, refining, and delivery of the target products. You can contact us with confidence.

Transaction process

Transaction process

Details of each process

Inquiry Refining feasibility will be determined based on the information provided by the client. If it is not possible to determine the feasibility of refining the product immediately, we may request a small sample of the product for further assessment.
Please be aware that refining transactions involving imports require additional verification requirements.
Examples of information to provide when applying
  1. 1Visual representation (e.g. photographs) of the item
  2. 2Shape and form of the item
  3. 3Composition of precious metal elements
  4. 4Estimated content or concentration of precious metals
  5. 5Weight of the item
  6. 6Original purpose or intended use
  7. 7Presence or absence of environmentally hazardous substances
Acceptable items
  • Material of the Item

    Generally limited to metals. Items that contain non-metallic materials may not be eligible for acceptance. Please contact us to inquire about acceptability.

  • Elements eligible for recovery and refining

    Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium.

  • Acceptable item shapes

    Solid, powder, paste, solution

  • Acceptance criteria

    All of the following conditions must be met:
    Cadmium: Less than 100 ppm
    Lead: Less than 1,000 ppm
    Mercury: Less than 1,000 ppm
    Hexavalent chromium: Less than 1,000 ppm

Estimate If refining is possible, we will provide you with an estimate and an approximate delivery time. Once you agree to the estimate, please provide us with your order instructions.
Please be aware that the estimated recovery quantity and cost provided in the estimate are based on the information you have provided. The actual weight after refining will be communicated to you in the analysis settlement result report.
The actual purchase price will be determined and agreed upon between both parties after the analysis settlement result report date.
Order When placing an order, we request your agreement to our "Policy on Raw Material Procurement" and your cooperation in completing the questionnaire aimed at assessing and evaluating the safety of the supply chain.
Acceptance of the items If there is a significant discrepancy between the weight declared by the client and the weight we measured after acceptance, we may contact you to confirm.
Submission of analysis results and quotation Based on the sampling and analysis results of the target items, we will calculate the precious metal content and provide you with a quotation after deducting any contract losses to determine the net weight. The quotation will include the price calculated based on the market rate on the date of issuance.
Decision on purchase or return Once you agree to the quotation, please specify whether you would like our company to purchase the subject item or return it to you.
We can also allocate the precious metal for use in other products you have ordered. Please contact us to discuss this option.
The amount will be transferred to your designated bank account. Please note that the client is generally responsible for the bank transfer fees.
We will return the items to you as physical precious metal, either in the form of plates or powder. If you prefer the return in the form of ingots, an additional fee will apply.
Settlement The transaction is completed when we transfer the payment or return the precious metals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy analytical instruments that is no longer in use from me?

We can purchase them after verifying the weight and quality after we refined it. In that case, there will be costs associated with analysis and refining.

I have solder containing cadmium. Can you refine it?

We may not be able to accept scrap materials containing certain environmentally hazardous substances. Please check with us through the inquiry form.

Can you pay me on the same day I apply for refining?

That is not possible. We will first refine your items, then issue a settlement quatation and make the payment. The payment amount will be determined based on the purchase unit price on the day of the settlement quatation.

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