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Please contact us using the form below to report specific information concerning any acts in violation of the Company's Policy on Raw Material Procurement.

  • *For protecting whistleblowers, the name of the whistleblower is optional and not required. Inquiries and reports can be made anonymously.
  • *As much as possible, please enter details in the space provided so that we can check facts of the case.
  • *Information provided will be used by the Company's General Affairs Department and Administration Department and shared with relevant departments as necessary.
  • *The Company will not treat the whistleblower or their organization at a disadvantage for reason of having submitted a report. However, this shall not apply to reports made for improper purposes.
  • *Information on concerns regarding the supply chain and examples of responses will be shared with relevant departments as appropriate for purposes of improvement and preventing recurrence.Results of responding will be reported individually, unless judged unnecessary by the Company.

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Please read the policy carefully, and submit this form only if you agree to its terms.